[Study and Immigration to Canada] The review of CCA seminar with OICC-Oxford International College in Canada on June 28, 2024.

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Murphy had a seminar to let people know the most popular programs in Canada,

which is, Caregiver and Personal Support worker on June 28, 2024.

 Most of all, we want to give our gratitude for many participants who came to the seminar, and everyone who pre-booked attended without exception.

So, we could know that many people have been interested in the 

Caregiver program and IGID (International Graduates in Demand Stream) program of Nova Scotia. 

Murphy has consistently provided essential and core information. However, many people desire a more comprehensive and wide-ranging understanding of the programs. Despite limited available time, Murphy endeavored to deliver content that solve the curiosity of most people.


For this seminar, we provided guidance on immigration law and study plans to help the participants confirm a pathway that ensures not only immediate guarantees on employment but also permanent residency.


With the topic solely focusing on the region Nova Scotia and Continuing Care Assistant program, we selected the best college, which supported the students unconditionally, and introducing in-depth immigration law.


Of Course, Murphy, the expert on immigration law, arranged the seminar.

The admission adviser of Oxford International College in Canada (OICC) chosen by Murphy explained the college courses, employment supporting, and etc. 




Actually, many participants in this seminar have extensive experience living abroad and high English proficiency scores. Furthermore, most of them have been considering immigrating to Canada for a long time therefore, when Murphy explained the immigration laws, participants could easily grasp the information and construct their own study plans accordingly.

The participants looked like a smart student listening to teacher’s lecture.




So, Murphy, the expert on immigration law, provided an overview of Canada's current situation, explained why many people are interested in Nova Scotia, and introduced permanent residency programs that people applied for continuing care assistants.




Apart from Canada's recent caregiver program, the programs frequently mentioned as reliable paths to applying for permanent residency through academic study and expertise in caregiving services are Ontario's In-Demand Program and Nova Scotia's IGID Program


Murphy clarified how these two programs differ, outlining their respective advantages and disadvantages.


Murphy is the only place where we would give out diverse information to our potential clients.


Murphy manages the entire process from studying abroad to immigration through a one-pass system, staffed by immigration experts. Remember that

 Murphy can offer clear information on the distinctions and pros and cons of each immigration law.


Both Ontario's In-Demand Program and Nova Scotia's IGID Program allow graduates to apply for permanent residency after completing their studies.

However, Ontario's In-Demand Program requires applicants to be employed under NOC 44101, whereas Nova Scotia's IGID Program requires NOC 33102 employment.


Furthermore, the biggest distinction is that, under Ontario's In-Demand Program, applicants can apply for permanent residency after gaining 9 months of work experience, whereas Nova Scotia's IGID Program allows applicants to apply for permanent residency immediately after graduation.


Especially in Ontario, applicants may apply for permanent residency after gaining work experience through Post-Graduate Work Permit, after graduating

 public college. On the other hand, applicants from Nova Scotia may apply permanent residency after graduating private college, which enables them to obtain permanent residency in much shorter period of time.

This flexibility makes Nova Scotia's program particularly appealing as it offers the potential for quick permanent residency right from the start of their studies.


This point and opportunity are emphasized once again below.






Next, the school programs from Oxford International College in Canada (OICC) were explained. 


Andy, who manages the Continuing Care Assistant course and Early Childhood Education course at the Halifax campus of OICC, attended the seminar as a representative of OICC. Laura, an adviser from the South Korea department of OICC, also participated in the seminar, translating the contents into English and providing additional support.


Once again, Murphy would like to express our gratitude to both of them!


Andy mentioned that OICC confidently highlights the Continuing Care Assistant (CCA), citing the full support and backing from the current Nova Scotia provincial government.

Additionally, he emphasized on guaranteed employment through co-operating with the Nova Scotia provincial government.

Therefore, he confidently assured the potential students that they can secure employment after completing their studies.


"How much can we trust that information?"



If graduates from the CCA program at OICC cannot get a job, OICC will refund the full tuition.

Which is 100% refund guaranteed





It's uncommon to have an opportunity like this to have a seminar about detailed explanations on college programs, whether they are public or private.


Especially in an environment where they have to study and work in English, it is hard to know how to complete and get a job. 

Also, without lack of information on how the academic is operating and language barriers would be one of the unknown parts for those who tried to research all the information. It must have been one of the frustrating parts for those who did a lot of research to not know how academics were actually run and whether there were English or other barriers.


Above all, whether the permanent residency is actually being guaranteed was considered a significant point.


However, OICC stood out as being more transparent and clearer than other colleges in terms of tuition fees, curriculums, and college support. 

Andy responded convincingly even to sharp questions from those comparing with other private and public schools.


This is the point that OICC had conducted extensive research and surveys before providing courses as a second mover compared to other private schools.


The most impressive thing was that OICC has a flexibility as private college, but the college is emphasizing on the necessity of English fluency, particularly communication skills because they have to take care of the patients carefully and have many relationships with people.




Furthermore, the adviser mentioned that the English score to meet the requirement of admission is 6.0, it is a little higher that other colleges, and when students get into the college, the college checks the student’s passion for studying through an interview.


However, if applicants don’t have the English score, they can get into the college with conditional offer, so applicants don’t need to worry about the English test result.


Moreover, Andy assured that students at OICC can have benefits of free tuition for their children from the English course to the CCA course.


The CCA course at OICC opens about once every two months, and the period of study is 40 weeks, which is shorter than 1 year.



Honestly, the period is a little longer that other private colleges, so…

Murphy slightly asked about this matter.


The CCA courses operated by private colleges is made for local students, therefore the basic classes or regulatory courses related to working through CCA may not be including for international students.

When the CCA course was established at OICC, the course was built for international students, so the program is designed to specialized in obtaining certificate, graduation, and employment.

Therefore, the adviser said the period of course could be shorter, through revision of curriculum.


Despite the 40 weeks of course, it is still shorter that one year, so comparing to the CCA or PSW with other public colleges, the length of program is quite reasonable.

Furthermore, before graduation, it's necessary to obtain the CCA certificate for employment. 

The college supports students by covering the exam fees for up to three attempts before graduation.


According to Andy, most of the graduates pass on their first exam, but some students may take up to two attempts.

This means that once the students followed the curriculum well and studied hard, they cannot fail the CCA exam.


 However, despite all the support students receive, should they fail all 3 exams, they should reflect on whether they studied the right method.

Once the student successfully obtains the certificate and meet the graduation requirements students will soon be employed as a CCA.





During the 40-week program, half of the time is to study academic theory and the other half to practical training. Many students receive job offers during their practical training, and after obtaining certificate, students can request assistance to secure employment directly at a place where student have worked during their training period. Also, they can receive the college supports through various organizations for employment opportunities.


OICC also will refund the 100% full tuition for those who could not secure a job after graduation, despite their effort on studying and working hard.

Luckily, the college proudly mentioned that no student has failed to find employment up to this point, which is more reassuring than any refund offer.

Meanwhile, graduates of private colleges do not receive the Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP). This may cause concerns about how to find employment and potentially qualify for permanent residency.


In the case of CCA programs, they are including the practical training, and students will obtain a Co-op Work Permit. After completing the program, students can apply for PR immediately upon receiving a job offer, and recevie the Provincial Nominee Certificate and a Work Permit support letter

allowing for the extension of the work permit without gaps, so applicant can have stable status and employment.


Still worried about going through all this?




We would highly recommend students to focus on studying hard and try to secure the job.


Murphy will take a responsibility with work permit and Permanent Residency!





The seminar took almost 2 hours. No one wanted to take a break, and participants had a lot of questions about the topic.


The most surprising thing was that the participants had high fluency in English, so they were able to ask Andy various questions themselves.

 And! Most of the participants from the seminar were younger than we expected, and even men were interested as well.


Murphy promised to give a huge benefit for the participants.

That is Murphy will support the scholarships and application fee for the applicants.


Some people called Murphy to participate in the seminar on the day.

We truly appreciate the enthusiasm and sorry again for not being able to invite everyone.

But no worries!

Murphy is preparing for various seminars for everyone who want to participate in Murphy’s seminars!




Thanks to the requests of many people, we have scheduled seminars even on weekends. For those who couldn't attend due to work or living in local areas, 

please check the schedule for Saturday and contact Murphy.


People who couldn't attend the Murphy seminar, they can also receive related guidance and services through KakaoTalk, phone calls, or in-person consultations.

Once again, Murphy sincerely thanks everyone for taking the time out of their busy schedules, despite the hot weather, and we send our gratitude to all participants who attended the seminar.


Thanks to the high interest from all of people, inevitably we had to change the seminar venue. As we tried to support and consult each and every one of people and provide guidance, but we understand that some attendees may have experienced inconvenience. 


While apologizing for any inconvenience caused, we ask for your understanding of Murphy's sincere intention to deliver necessary seminars that are truthful and clear.


Murphy’s high-quality seminars will continue!!



Please refer to Murphy's announcements for seminars on each specific topic!