[Canada Immigration] Murphy's Monthly Report - ON, March 2024

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Each province in Canada has their own invitation system to regularly draw permanent residency following the economic situation.

Therefore, on the last day of every month, 

Murphy will arrange the invitation results of each province and upload the result by a table to watch easily.  

With Murphy’s arrangements, you can watch the trend of selected draw easily and compare scores of each targeted program which you will apply, in addition, we hope that you would predict the future immigration trend for your application.  


Monthly OINP Draw ? March

Mar. 21

EE- Tech Occupation

CRS 468-480 points

Mar. 19

Masters and PhD graduate stream

Over 52 points

Mar. 12

International student stream

General: over 72 points

Skilled Trade: over 66 points

Health Occupation: over 72 points

Tech Occupation: over 72 points

Mar. 07

EE- Health Occupation

CRS 352-421 points

Mar. 01

EE-Skilled Trades stream

CRS 350-424 points


Unlike last February, Ontario has been diligently drawn.

In ON, there are a lot of Express Entry draws, but applicants who applied for general OINP category have been still waiting. 

Just like in February, only draw was in the OINP is on the international student stream.
 First, in the Ontario Express Entry draw, the three areas: Skilled Trade, Health, and Tech,
and Tech and Health have been drawn every month. 
In the case of health draw last month, the score was 379-430, down slightly from the previous month. 
In fact, the score ford drawing of health is lower than that of the federal EE,  it is worth trying. 
If applicants who have more than a year of experience of targeted oocupation 
after graduating from school shoud have language score. 
And then it would be a good way to get a chance to be drawn withthe registering EE pool first after getting a job.
 In Tech drawing, the score is not differed from the previous score. 
Many people could think that the province Express Entry category, the drawing score is quite high. 
In the case of the Tech category, many applicants already have work experiences of the relevant occupations,
 so they who were not graduated from school in ON but have valid work permit could apply for the category.
 But the drawing score is not low, 
so, applicants have to check that how many points could be reduced with deductive elements 
like their age and education history in Canada, work experience, 
plus they must confirm that they secure points under the conditions that can be filled.  

Skilled Trade is continuing to be drawn as it was drawn in January. 

International student streams and foreign worker streams are also targeted occupation in Skilled Trade, 

so for those who have been gaining experience, it is recommended to check the ONIP category as well as the ONIP category, as well as the ON EE and Federal EE, and apply for the program with the best timing.


 Meanwhile, in the international stream drawn with score like last month,  
and it was drawn to include the Skilled Traders category. 
First, the Health and Tech categories were drawn with 72 points, it is down 1 point from the previous month
and in the case of Skilled Trade, the drawing point is started with 66 points.
In the case of International Stream, there are many sections that can secure points, so if you take good care of regional or occupational scores, you are likely to secure a score range in the early 60s to 70s. 
However, some people have difficulty securing language scores for those who are included in the Skilled Trends job. 
In order to increase your chances of drawing safely, 
you must not miss out on language scores that you can secure your score. 
At least what CLB6 and Murphy recommend is that you should secure up to CLB7 
and reduce the unfortunate situation of losing a chance to draw with one or two points.
 In the General drawing, the score was relatively down 6 points from 78 points last month. 
Of course, it is still difficult to overcome the 70s based on regional and occupational scores, 
but it would be a good idea for those who are about to graduate this year to set up an employment strategy
 while looking at the drawing trend in February and March. 
I think the General drawing will continue to keep the early to mid-70s score.
 Since the Immigration’s regulations on international students on Jan. 22, 
each province has been making a lot of changes, 
and Ontario is trying to make the biggest change.
In the recent update about PAL, Ontario said it will issue the PAL following its priority of each school and department. 
Therefore, the Health, STEM, and Trade sectors, which are prioritized by the Ontario
, are expected to continue to be drawn by changing the scores for each category
but in the case of the General drawing, which includes other areas, they are unlikely to try to lower the draw score.
 According to this, applicants should check trends in ON, 
and applicants who prepare for studying abroad need to consider changing their major, 
or applicants who want to work have to build plans about which region and employment.
 In the middle of this instability, people living in Ontario are very confused. 
Murphy is catching the trend of province and federal immigration and updating.
 Today, a few colleges in Ontario starts issuing PAL. As above mentioned, 

ON prioritizes the major and department and issues the PAL with its priority. 

As soon as the PAL is issued, start preparing for the visa as soon as possible and prepare the class schedule without a gap.

Murphy are providing individual guidance to Murphy’s clients and helping them prepare quickly!


Murphy will come back with the Monthly Report in April.