[Canada Immigration] Murphy's Monthly Report - ON, February 2024

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Each province in Canada has their own invitation system to regularly draw permanent residency following the economic situation.

Therefore, on the last day of every month, 

Murphy will arrange the invitation results of each province and upload the result by a table to watch easily.  

With Murphy’s arrangements, you can watch the trend of selected draw easily and compare scores of each targeted program which you will apply, in addition, we hope that you would predict the future immigration trend for your application.  


Monthly OINP Draw-February

February 06

EE-Health Occupation

CRS score 379~430

February 08

EE-Tech Occupation

CRS score 471~480

February 08

International Student Stream

General: over 78 points

Health Occupation: over 73 points

Tech Occupation: over 73 points


Ontario showed it was little hesitant to draw this time, but there was a total of 2 draws, and 3 draws by category. 

Compared to the draw in January, Ontario seems like it was drawing in earl February and looking at the trend.


Looking at the total draw program for immigrants in Ontario in February, 

there were 2 draws in Express Entry, also a draw in International Student Stream.


First, Ontario drew applicants who are listed on Health and Tech, the drawing score of Health is relatively lower that other, 

so applicants who studied and had a work experience in ON seem to have enough points to apply.


But the drawing score of Tech is not relatively lower than that of other and federal EE points. 

Tech and STEM drawing score of each province are getting higher, in addition, Tech and STEM are professional area, so Ontario wants applicants who have an English score, work experience, and academic ability, and draw them.


However, even though applicants have a high score, they can make up for it with their academic background or experience in Canada

for applicants who are included in the relevant career, 

it is recommended to check the categories to be supplemented through CRS simulation in advance.


Next, finally! International Student Steam drawing was in February. Fortunately, General draw was, too. 

And like the Ontario Express Entry, targeted occupation drawing of Health and Tech related jobs was in February.


Most of all, the general draw score is 78 points, it is relatively higher score.

In fact, it is hard to get a score in the 78 points because applicants who studied and completed courses in In-GTA, 

cannot take a single point out of 20 regional scores, 

but applicants who studied and completed courses out Out of GTA, 

they can get a possibility of getting points up to 20 and an average of 16 points in the region.


In addition to regional scores, the international student stream has a large difference in scores according to the studied course,  the TEER level and occupation level of the employed occupation,

 therfore, applicants who are expecting to be drawn from General Draw, the checking the possibility through simulation is recommended for them before graduation and prepare Plan B at the same time.

On the other hand, the Health and Tech target occupation drawing score is 73, which is not a low score,

Health and Tech jobs can accumulate maximum scores on both academic courses and TEER level scores for employed jobs depending on the department and job type, so it is worth trying for all those who have graduated from in/out of GTA.

In the case of Health Job Target, 

NOC 33102 - Nurse children, orderlies, and patient service associates, which many people recently inquired about and applied for admission, are the most common, but in the case of Health Job Target, 

it is recommended to check the job type included in the draw carefully because it includes jobs

 that are difficult for international students to be employed or get a job.

However, even if applicants are not included in the Health Job Target occupation, they can also look forward to the General draw because they can get more points from health-related jobs of the course of study, the TEER level of the employed job, and the job category.

In February, the Ontario province draw of immigrants, and other updates that applicants must know. 

In a notice released on February 26, there was first an announcement that PTE would be recognized as an trying language proficiency test for applications for province immigrants in Ontario. 

So, Murphy shows the PTE chart for applicants to calculate their PTE score as a CLB score as shown below.





Next, there was a guide that applicants must add an ‘Application Consent form’ when applying for province immigration. 

The documents applied before February 26th are not applicable, but the documents applied after that should be attached with 

the Content Form.

So far, I've informed you of the settlement of immigration in February. 

February seems to have been a period when each province slowed down the draw of immigrants.

 In particular, as there are many immigration categories, many people are waiting for draw in each category. 

Since the draw is coordinated according to the immigration situation and the situation of each state, applicant should prepare to apply and supplement their requirement while checking the draw categories and the scores in March.



Murphy is coming with the Monthly Draw Report in March.2024.jpg