[Canada immigration/Study] Edmonton, the city that we should watch with interest in 2024.

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Alberta is well known for its lower price than other provinces in Canada. Actually, 

the most famous city is Calgary where it is always top ranked on the list of good cities to live in Canada. 




After the economic recessing in middle of 2000s, 

people who were expecting the economic growing were disappointed with the economic flow, 

but still there is no the province tax, so Alberta is the province where it imposes the least amount of taxes in Canada.


As many people know that Calgary is most famous city in Alberta, 

so people can assume that the province capital of AB is Calgary.


But the capital city is not Calgary, it’s Edmonton!


This city is about 3 hours north of Calgary. 




Even though Edmonton is the capital city of Alberta province, but Calgary is the biggest city in AB, and the second biggest is Edmonton. 

In addition, Edmonton located in AB is well known for a rich city developed with the wonderful Rocky Mountains and oil-sand.


So, according to these advantages, the tourism business, and the petrochemical industry, 

of course, it’s an area famous for mining, especially a very large diamond mine, 

it is also an area where related businesses are actively operating. 





Unlike other rough industries, Edmonton is so-called a center of culture, administration, education. 

So, it has a title, ‘Canada’s Festival City’.

Alberta is next to British Columbia, 

but it is rounded with the Rocky Mountains, also you may be curious about the weather because it is an inland province.


So, you might be wondering about that is it cold? 

Ok, it just in winter, you’re welcome.


Edmonton has a wet continental climate. 

The characteristic of wet continentality is that it will be long winter and warm summer. 

However, unlike Korea, the climate is generally dry, so there is no scorching heat in summer and no bone-chilling cold in winter. 


frozen let it go GIF


Many people consider that Canada must be a cold country, but it has 4 seasons similar to Korea. 

Surely, Canada’s winter is relatively longer than Korea’s, 

so you may feel that spring, summer, and autumn change faster than you think.

So, maybe you could meet the white Christmas in May, it is such an attractive thing, is it?


Earlier, I mentioned that AB’s capital city is Edmonton, so it means like a capital of government.

 Unlike Korea, many federal countries have huge and large provinces, and the territory size of each province is large as much as a country, 

so each province has its own regulations and law, that’s why each province has a its province capital.


According to this characteristic, there are main infrastructures and important administrations, 

also various head office of companies in Edmonton.


Especially, this province has been developed with oil-sand industry, so various 

and small and medium sized oil companies’ head office are in Edmonton. 

Therefore, Edmonton is an herb of traditional petrochemical companies while being an important part of Canada. 


Following these advantages, trades, and service industries, 

and of course, logistic industries are well developed, also car engine and petrochemical research institutions are well developed.


These kinds of developments make Edmonton a main region of technology, 

furthermore, imperative research and educational institutions are in this city, so it leads this city a center of education. 


That’s way we can know why the university of Alberta is very famous in the world.

It is also the financial industry that develops as the industry develops and the city becomes rich. 

Edmonton, and furthermore, the province capital in Alberta, is experiencing rapid growth, so the financial industry has settled down quickly.


Edmonton was able to develop into a major financial city in Canada with a concentration of major banks and financial companies.

As such, Edmonton and Calgary, major cities in Alberta, are cities that have achieved solid urban development in turn 

while achieving economic growth 

by utilizing the regional characteristics of the province.


So, if you're asking whether Edmonton is an industry-centric city, you have to remember Edmonton's name again.

I mentioned that Edmonton is a festival city in Canada. It is an attractive city that does not miss out on culture and art. 

There are many concert halls, movies, plays, etc., as well as large and small museums and art galleries, 

making it an excellent area for children to experience and spend their leisure time. 

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Plus, in spring, there are various festivals.


Edmonton also presents design festivals, Jazz Festivals, and folk festivals etc., 

so during the spring and summer, you can enjoy a variety of festivals.

In particular, Alberta's summer is a place where you can feel Canada's summer, such as hiking and camping, 

because there are many places to enjoy from the lake or the Rocky Mountains to the big mountains with a little diplomacy.

Edmonton is a smaller city than Calgary, but it is an important city that plays a role as a state center and a state capital, 


so there are more diverse amenities and important facilities.


There is a must-visit place for tourists and Canadians visiting Edmonton, so it will be West Edmonton Mall. 

As the largest indoor shopping mall in North America, 

it is crowded with shopping centers, water parks and indoor stadiums, so it is enough to enjoy shopping and culture at once.






In particular, Alberta, which is inland, is a difficult area to see the sea closely. The water park inside this shopping mall is an artificial beach, 

but it is very popular because you can feel the ocean beach.

On the other hand, I informed that Edmonton is a city that leads education. 

As various industries develop, especially petrochemical-related industries are the most developed, 

and technology is rapidly developed along with various studies.


For this reason, among universities where excellent human resources can be used in research and technology development. 





University of Alberta, located in Edmonton, is famous for its prestigious schools in Canada.  

uofa 랭킹.png


As you can see, it is top 4 ranked in 2024, this university proves its high-level class.


With this reason, many people consider this city for their children’s education or for early study.


NAIT in Edmonton is also very famous. It is an excellent Polytechnic University designated by Canada.





Actually, BCIT, SAIT, and NAIT are the top ranked schools for local students, friends who choose college after studying abroad, 

and international students who are currently preparing to study abroad.


Above mentioned schools are the only Canadian-designated University of Technology & Polytechnic, 

and not only are they as high as a regular four-year university, 

but they are also superior to universities in certain departments, 

so people with bachelor's degrees or those who already have experience in the field enter to upgrade their careers or learn new skills. 


Youtube Election GIF by tyler oakley



Therefore, we have to remember NAIT. The reason is that it will be the most important key 

for those who want to succeed in studying abroad and 

immigration in Edmonton. Please remember and check it out in the next content!


After studying abroad, NAIT is a school where many people have questions not only for immigration but also for general study abroad. 

In particular, engineering majors such as mechanical engineering and chemical engineering are solid, 

so many people who majored or have experience in related majors consider it. 


However, since NAIT is a comprehensive university, professional programs ranging from business to cooking, baking, maintenance, 

and ECE, medical and health departments, IT, and science and engineering departments are widely opened..




With these reasons, there are many people who chose it for their studies, 

but I would like you to remember that it is a school that you consider a lot for immigration.


Studying for "me" is great, but I'd like to think about Edmonton here for my children's education...

Anyone could think about this. 



In addition, other than University of Alberta and NAIT, there are many famous universities and colleges in Edmonton,

so the fact that you can study abroad at once after studying early to college will be the reason you have to choose the Edmonton area as your child's study destination.


The Edmonton Public Office of Education operates 213 schools, consisting of 125 elementary and middle schools, 

one elementary school, one elementary school, one elementary school, and a separate high school.




Each school has the same program, and each school has a special class,

 and there are many options to choose a foreign language other than English, such as French, English, and Spanish.



In the case of international students, you can go as far as the ESL course, so if you choose a school according to your region or children's preferences and enter, you can give them a chance to have early study abroad successfully.



In fact, Edmonton is a great place to settle down, to think about children's education, and to develop your career.


I think that there are a lot of people who don't find Edmonton's advantages or can't choose immediately 

because they're slightly hidden by Calgary. 


But Edmonton is Edmonton.


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