[Studying in Canada] Introduction of Brewmaster& Brewery Operations Management & advice of alumni living in his dream (Feat. How to receive the permanent residency, after graduating)

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To say that successful huge fan doesn’t refer to specific person, 

now it’s a world that everyone can be the person.  



But, among them there are the fans of fans, they will be the ones who meet their fangirling with their jobs, 

we can call this is ‘Fangirling and their job are the same’. 

There are many cases where people’s fanatics lead their job or achievement. 

As we know that the famous scientist, Edison, really loved and fell into the science, 

and his enthusiasm of that leaded he was able to be the most famous scientist in the world. 

In addition, thanks to his invention, we are living in better environment, and we could know that he was able to make his assets through his invention.


In fact, there are some courses which are offered by many colleges in Canada outstanding. The courses is that you can learn special skills, 

so there are many people who compare, look for, and inquire about these major because it is not common for schools to open. 




In the many courses, Murphy wants to introduce a major, Brewmaster& Brewery Operations Management. 

This major is in Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU) in BC, Niagara College in ON, and Olds College in AB. 

Lately, as a specialized technology, it is also popular with local people, and in recent years, 

more and more people are interested in craft beer and thinking about starting a business. 








Considering the Canada is the world’s 5th and 6th largest producer of wheat and barley, which are the two main ingredients of beer. 

It is very natural that beer brewing technology has developed in Canada. Beer is quite famous anywhere in Canada. 

Pubs that are said to be quite famous have their own beer. (But Nobody knows why there is no worldwide beer brand in Canada.)


Especially, I want to introduce a person who was majored in Brewmaster& Brewery Operations Management in Olds College, and with his brewing skills, 

he has been living in South Korea. 



양조 졸업생 기사 1.png기사2.png


It could be a surprised point that he is not Korean, but he is Les Timmermans, graduated from Olds College. 

At first, he came to Korea as a native English-Speaking teacher, but he fell into Korean cultures, 

so now as a famous brewer he is in Korea. Most of all, his brewing skill is learned in Canada.


Kay, the international student representative of Canadian Olds College, and Beadoin, the head of the Olds College department, visited Les Timmermans 

to learn about his reputation and check his technical skills at Olds College. 





It is not an exaggeration to say that it is a similar environment to Canada, 

and Les Timmermans' brewery is located in Pyeongchang, and it was an attractive place that confused whether it was Canada or Korea. 

The name White Crow seems to be a regional name that can be found in Canada or a symbolic name in Canada, 

but in fact, it is said to be derived from the old name of Pyeongchang, Baekoh (White Crow). 

It is also said that it contains the will to make the rarest beer, a beer that does not exist in the world, just as white crows do not exist.


The location of his brewery is very accessible by KTX train, meaning that from Seoul, you can expect about two and half hours when you are using train. 

And then you can get off at Dunnae station and arrived in about 12 minutes by taxi or rental car. 

Or when you move with your own car, it take about 12 minutes from Dunnae interchange, about 20 minutes from Saemal interchange. 


There are also nearby resorts and attractions, so it's good to listen to them while planning a trip to Pyeongchang. 

The interior of the brewery boasts a Canadian interior, and people who have been to Canada might not tell this is Banff or Pyeongchang. 

If you miss Canada, I think it would be nice to visit there. When you look at the White Crow brewing, which you can see in the pictures first, 

the vibe of Canada gets deeper in winter, so Murphy decides to visit the brewery in the winter, who doesn’t want to go there?


화이트크로우 지도.png


Also, there is a pub where you can enjoy drinking handmade beers managed by Les Timmermans. 

Brewing Manufacturing facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities that are confidently say that they are the best. 

More than four to five types of beer, including Dark beer, Ale, and Lager, are produced, and sold here.


As if to verify Les Timmermans’ skills at the beginning of the brewery, you can see his award-winning experiences.

 Looking at the award-winning medals and awards, I think I already know the taste of beer, 

so I'm desperate to pull the lever and take a sip of beer right away. 

Probably people who read Murphy’s introduction of this major, cannot avoid drinking beer. 

While writing this article, it is the hard time trying to hold back from drinking beer as a beer drinker.




화이트 크로우 드랩프트.jpg



On the other hand, Les Timmermans said he came to Korea to start a brewery business after receiving Diploma as a freshman in the Department of Brewmaster & Brewery Operations Management at Old College in 2016. 


While studying, he can learn various brewing skills through classes, and he said that the class environment was the best, 

which was designed to operate the facility and make beer for two years, not just through field trips and theories.


Although Les Timmermans has a place in Korea and runs a brewery, 

he also cited good networking after graduation as an advantage because all graduates of the beer manufacturing department are working on Brewery. 


While studying, he also told me that beer festivals in Alberta's own region (such as the Beer Festival in Calgary and Edmonton) will be held, 

so I can participate, and that I can share ideas other than my department through participation in clubs (clubs) in the school. 

Les Timmermans said that the biggest advantage is that you can have various valuable experiences inside and outside the department 

while learning about the club's Brewer Master course and food pairing.


If you look at the brewery run by Les Timmermans, you can see a variety of attractions and seasonal beers, 

such as branding local festivals and beers that maee use of local color based on these things. 

Not only do you learn general beer-making skills, but you also learn how to operate and manage, 

so even those preparing for the business will have the opportunity to think about beer-making and operation within their academic period.


화이트 크로우 비어.png



We could build a settlement plan after graduating 

from the Brewmaster and Brewery Operations Management in Olds College.


1. Who want to settle down in Alberta. 

People who are graduating from Brewmaster and 

Brewery Operations Management are able to expect get a job offer with job title of 22100-Chemecal Technologist and Technicians. 

Watching specific jobs in this NOC code, brewery technician is included in the code.   




The job title of 22100-Chemecal Technologist and Technicians are part in the TEER 2, 

so this is a skill level that can be used to apply for the permanent residency. 

Therefore, people who already have CRS score for Express Entry can apply for the permanent residency after building work experience.


So, should we know the Alberta immigration program?

In the Alberta immigration program requirement for international students can apply for the permanent residency 

after graduating from a related major and having six months of work experience. 

Compared with other provinces, there are no occupational target, restrictions or draw through a score ranking system in Alberta, 

so you are just graduating from school and applying!


After meeting your fangirling with your job related to beer, building work experience for 6 months, 

and applying for permanent residency. With Murphy! 


크로우 메뉴.jpg

<source-  http://www.whitecrowbrewing.com/#init >


2. True fangirling is making my own brand! 



Many people who pursue unique majors aim to launch their own businesses.

In the case of Brewery, 

it is a business that is constantly attracting attention because demand is high in Korea and the popularity of craft beer is not cooling down. 

If you learn technology in Canada for this business, 

you can establish a more direct business plan because you can see the quality of ingredients and the distribution process at once. 


People who want to open a business in Canada can build a very solid foundation 

because they can contact farms where good ingredients can be imported directly or even establish business partners that can operate process facilities together. 

As in Les Timmermans’ case, you can "create" your own brand in Gangwon-do and Pyeongchang, Korea.



http://www.whitecrowbrewing.com/#init >


3. Sabbatical or after retirement, taking a breath. 


“The most interesting for Murphy is beer, so it is going to be fun just thinking about it!”


Brewmaster and Brewery Operations Management is a major 

that appeals to those who have taken the sabbatical or taken leave of absence from work to plan to live in Canada. 

Living in Canada is like a gift to you, making beer that is your original dream, and the Canadian vibe in Alberta. 

These three things can be the most perfect choice for people who have a dream of a sabbatical and taking a break in Canada. 




The Brewmaster and Brewery Operations Management requires 

scores of mathematics, general science, biology and chemical etc. to learn to manage the accurate measurement, moisture, temperature, 

and fermentation through chemical reaction.

 Also, requirement of administration is IELTS (over 6.0), mathematics and science score (one of chemical, biology or science subjects). 

If you don’t have records of the requirements, you can apply for the admission through proof that you have completed a school-related courses.


So, we introduce a major, the Brewmaster and Brewery Operations Management, if you have an interesting in this major 

or want to get more priceless information Les Timmermans gave us, please contact Murphy!2024.jpg