What is the best way for Working holiday applicants in Canada
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What is the best way for Working holiday applicants in Canada

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Hello, its MURPHY.


It feels like yesterday when we said, “It is already September”, but now September is almost over and we are looking forward to a big ceremony of our culture, 

Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving Day)”. Although, it doesn’t feel like happy holiday cause of Covid-19. 





It is a little bit early to say its holiday season now, but there will be few people waiting for the holiday season. 

Those will be people who are waiting for the day working holidays open. 



Canada working holiday is a “premium” class of all of the working holiday. 

Everyone can apply but not everyone gets to be chosen. 

This is not first-come first-serve selection, it’s more like a random selection. 

So, there are even people who want to put all their luck into that year. 


It’s the most competitive place of all. 

But unfortunately, this year, even if those who were selected for working holiday on 2020, 

have to wait until the announcement since the Covid-19 started.




If it was not for Covid-19 situation, 

they would have already opened new apply date, but after March most of the working holidays were closed left with unfinished selection.



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Working holiday is a system that you can experience the real culture while living in that country. 

So, its very useful visa to plan for your future. 


There are lots of rumors saying that people who participated for working holiday, 

some of them continued living as a foreign worker, 

some changed their identity as a College or university student, 

some apply for permanent residence, and also get married.




But is this just a rumor? The answer is “NO”. 

These are real examples of people who were in working holidays and 

it might seem a little too exaggerated if we tell you that there are some people who got a permanent residency within a year, 

which is working holiday period, but it is quite true that after participating for working holiday, you can be a permanent resident. 



So, MURPHY is going to share some of the information about working holidays today. 

And our point is to go for permanent residence! 

Today’s introduction was a bit long, right? Lol





The rage of people who apply for working holiday is from 20s to early 30s. 

And all of them have different goals which includes getting permanent residence or those who want to challenge once more after studying abroad.



Now, then should we go over the possibilities which working holiday can provide us in different age, one by one?



First, let’s take a look at early 20s. 

In the start of 2010, working holidays were quite generalized and because a lot of young generation at that time, 

had less experience of studying abroad so they put more meaning into learning language in another country.


But nowadays, there are more people who have experience studying abroad than before. So, they tend to approach with extended goals. 




1. Studying abroad and work experience, A goal to conquer the world! 



There are people who have hopes to become a real overseas employer, not just a simple service job. 

These people have been dreaming of this moment through reading books and blog or watching related YouTube channels and social media. 



There are few students who also want to study abroad with their own money. 

They can study for less than 6 months and work for the same period and can achieve both school fees and living expenses through this working holiday experience. 

So, they are looking forward to this golden opportunity.



Those people who can say “I am a foreign worker! I worked all my life there!”, 

have more bigger dreams than others which is to travel all around the world. 

Actually, Canada might be hard to earn LOTS of money in a year like in Australia, 

but you can earn enough money to go around South/North America continent. 

This working holiday system is one of the best contents that aims to “travel is ‘living’” trend that is booming between MZ generation. 


The best thing about early 20s working holiday is that they are able to earn money and learn language at the same time in a foreign country. 

And If you are able to go through a year of working holiday well, 

it will be the greatest big work experience you can have in your life that will help you find work overseas and have more better opportunities. 



So, for early 20s, their ambition and potential of their own dreams are the goals for working holiday, not permanent residence.



2. Quickly before it’s too late! 


If there are early 20s, there are also late 20-30s ready for working holiday, 

who are ready to experience the bittersweet reality of overseas society and the achievements that can get from it when they are already a bit mature.



There might be some people giving a stare during working holiday and thinking how did they apply when they are in 30s?



As we mentioned before, working holidays are only able to apply before 30 in global age, which is before when you turn 32 after your birthday. 

So, if you are born in Nov. or Dec. …you are damn lucky. 



Also, you just need to arrive to Canada within a year after you get approved for working holiday. 

Which means, 

you can fully spend quality days and get ready at the end of the year. 


For 20s-30s, most of them have experience of working holidays in another country or 

have experience of studying abroad and overseas company through internship. 


And some of them are looking for a place to get a job for long-term or already achieved short-term goals or try to find a time just for themselves. 


Dog Chilling GIF



These people have different personalities compared to early 20s. 

Most of them are focused on learning language and peaceful life, spending days productively and making money for themselves, just like real Canadian. 

Also, some of them had to give up studying abroad because of their busy Korea life. 

So, they apply for working holidays to keep on their dreams of studying language in another country.



Especially, these people already have experience overseas and working holidays. So, they are looking forward to getting permanent residence.



Of course, there are some early 20s who are looking forward to getting permanent residence as well, 

after they find out how good it is to live abroad and have academic goals. 



Also, some of them are lucky enough to get support from their own working place, 

so they prepare for permanent residence just in case they need it in the future, 

which is a very clever decision. 


But, late 20s-30s are seriously getting ready to settle in Canada to start their second life there, 

which is quite different from early 20s who just want to get the permanent residence just in case. 



Especially those who have husband or wives during working holidays, 

they are mostly aimed to get a permanent residence, so they ask MURPHY for help.


If early 20s are targeted to fun and entertaining language course and service work, 

late 20s -30s who have experience overseas and skilled language are a bit different. 



There are people who already prepared their new life or new career in Korea. 

They plan to send out CVs first, get a job and then move to Canada. 



These days, there are actually people who are looking for ways to get permanent residence with working holiday without considering academic skills and experiences. 

So, there are people who consider going to Manitoba or Saskatchewan and get government immigration and not even thinking about Vancouver or Toronto.





You might have seen some people who got permanent residence after working in field such as food service or 

Tim Hortons in Manitoba or SK province as working holiday not as a skilled job, 

or saw people who succeed to get permanent residence for their serving skills and cooking assistant skills. 

If you take a look at Manitoba or SK province government immigration, technically it is not so impossible to achieve, so those stories above are actually true.


Hold Up Reaction GIF by Brett Eldredge 

But there are some facts that are possible to be changed due to government immigration law change, so if you are looking forward to achieving like this, 

you should confirm again about MB state and SK province government immigration and plan it with specialists.



Farming program is also booming these days for working holidays. 



There is one customer who is in its late 20s and got on board as a last one to working holiday during Covid-19 season. 

He wanted to achieve his dreams or studying abroad and immigration while living in Korea. 



This customer also looked through farming program and asked MURPHY for help about this program. 

We still remember the first day that customer came to us, 


he said “I want to get permanent resident, 

I want to study the major I want and get a job that is related to it, but also want to save money for school.

 I feel like if I don’t get a permanent residence, there will be some restriction, 

I am still young, and I have visa for working holiday, so I want to get a job that I am able to achieve permanent residence. 


His goals were very specific that we are able to remember it until now. 

And eventually, that customer got job offer from farming and went to Canada with their support. 

Right now, he is working and gaining experience from Canada farming program.


After 2 weeks of quarantine, he finished the interview with her employer. We heard that he is doing so well there. 

This customer is now planning to challenge In-demand Skilled worker stream and gain 9 months of work experience. 



Until then, MURPHY is always going to be there for you and cheering you up for your goals. 



Actually, for ON state in-demand stream, you can apply for permanent residence after gaining 9 months of work experience among 12 months of working holiday. 

Then you can get approve from state government before your working holiday period ends, and extend your visa date, so you can maintain your visa identity. 

You can approach with this very possible plan. 



So, if you applied for working holidays with higher goals than others, 

you can make a possible plan for yourself by targeting the gap where no one has looked through and develop your possibilities until you get permanent residence.



Recently a lot of people who go for working holidays are focused on their final goals more than just experiencing overseas.


Believe GIF by SpongeBob SquarePants


 There are lots of different reasons for applicants to apply for working holidays, 

so if you want to start with working holiday visa, and specify your goals a bit clearer, 

you can definitely achieve it. MURPHY will always help you guide your way through the end!


이 글이 유익하셨다면 공유해주세요!


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