Post-COVID, how are we going to prepare for the future as a Canadian immigrant? - Ep1. Smart farm expert
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Post-COVID, how are we going to prepare for the future as a Canadian immigrant? - Ep1. Smart farm expert

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Hello, its MURPHY.


The whole world is in crisis due to long-term COVID-19.

Redundancy, month’s unpaid leave, voluntary resignation ect..

Millions of people are losing their jobs in a day and the stores that were sustentation to the owners, are frequently closing.


According to the experts, the economic stagnation due to COVID-19 is more serious than Korea IMF. 

More than one hundred thousand jobs are disappearing in a day and even if COVID-19 ends, 

it is hard to recover the economy from this situation.



The main industry that was damaged hard in Canada is import & export and farming industry. 

The rate of dependence on imports of industrial products in Canada is very high. 

However, because both sky and sea roads are all blocked now, importing, and exporting its own product is more difficult than before.




Field in Foreign labor also has a big impact. 

It is a big issue that the farming industry which is the important part of Canada economy is now in crisis combined with the farming season. 

And now that the foreign labor is hard to proceed due to Corona, a lot of farmers are in danger.




According to the data from Canadian National statics in 2015, i

t was found that 41,659 foreign labor was put in in Harvesting industry that reaches 92.6% of Farming labor and 3,346 foreign labor 

in livestock industry that is reached 7.4%.

Moreover, especially in Eastern Canada which includes Ontario and Quebec, they each accepted 21,975 and 10,617 Foreign labor. 

So, we can see that they are seriously biased in a foreign Labor.




so Korea is also suffering from Farming supply and demand of manpower. 

Without naming it as a big title like “food weaponization”, 

it is a natural sequence for the whole world to reconsider the value of farming and food and to firmly establish the foundation of Farming.


Its also the reason why we introduced the first episode of

“Farming industry, Smart farm expert” in the series of Post-COVID 

How are we going to prepare for the future as a Canadian immigrant?” 





But the basic system of Canadian immigration which is to select those who are good in language and 

has technique and young in priority, is not going to change even in post COVID situation.

Therefore, we must keep in mind that improving Language skills and learning technique is essential.

Now, we are going to introduce to you about Smart farm expert. 



Smart Farm is also one of the spotlight industries in our country. 

Farming is primary industry but due to the foundation of Smart Farm, 

the primary industry was introduced into the 4th industry and now settled in the future industry.


Canada is a country with the fifth biggest industrial structure among agricultural producing countries in the whole world. 

Canada itself also does a lot of investments and support agricultural development. 


캐네디언 농업 파트너십.JPG



Also, Canadian government announced a 5year-plan called Canadian Agricultural Partnership in 2019. 

Canadian Agricultural Partnership aims to the development in agriculture and procure agricultural output. 

So, to meet the needs we mentioned above, 

Canada government is focusing on information and communication system as known as Smart Farm.




Then what is this Smart Farm that the whole world is focusing at? 

Smart Farm means a Farm that can automatically maintain and manage the environment of crops and livestock 

through information and communication technique such as drones, AI, robots, and 

solve the problem of reduction of local population and aging society, climate change ect.


The main point of modern Farming is how we are going to improve the amount of agriculture with accurate data and 

how to maintain a constant harvesting amount, not about fertile land, sun and enough water to cultivate the produces. 





Canada has a large land and massive amount of cultivate produces that is unable to compare with Korea. 

So, to maximize the productivity by develop a high level of farming industry, 

Canada needs more better and more efficient Smart Farm experts of farming field. 


Now, lets have a look at what Smart Farm experts do. 

They generalize Smart Farm related technology and develop weapons and work on installation by extension.

 They also have consulting education to farmers who wish to adopt Smart Farm and 

plan out a system that can automatically control the environment of growing crops and 

livestock by applying the technique for glass/greenhouse or stockbreeding and orchard.


And because the Smart Farm’s structure and the form depends on the agricultural system, 

so its very important to be responsible of customized Smart Farm plan and design that is optimized in the farming environment and condition. 

Therefore, in a lot of universities, they learn related techniques in general farming related major or establish a new major to train a Smart Farm expert. 

There are also cases of IT related worker converting to Smart Farm because it is a new industry collaborated with information technology.


 But to succeed as a Farming expert in Canada, 

they require more than just a degree. It is a part where it shows the importance of a Farming expert. 

So, we need to focus on colleges that can help us establish as a Farm expert outside of a normal college. 

In these colleges, we can study about farming In Landscape, Horticulture, Greenhouse major as known as Architecture horticulture, 

and they support us to get a job in a big farm or farming related company.

So, we have to build up these experiences and find a way to become a Smart Farm expert.


Another case is relevant to IT experts. 

To become a Smart Farm expert after graduating architecture, horticulture major, IT technical skills are essential. 

So, if you have a background of IT technology or have an academic ability, Canada Smart Farm can be the blue ocean for you.


Now, if you haven’t decided on the future in Canada, what about considering a Smart Farm expert?

Its time to consider what is best for you.


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