Expository Essays

Expository Essays

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Expository Eassy?



한글로는 설명적 작문이라고 해석이 되며

필자에게 아이디어를 조사하고

증거들을 평가하며

생각을 자세히 분명하게 설명할 수 있는 능력이 요구되는 

에세이 장르입니다

보통Five-paragraph 에세이라고 불리죠.


 논술을 공부하셨다면 익히 연습하셨을 글쓰기 방법일겁니다.


가장 일반적인 방법으로


1 개의 introduction paragraph




3 개의 evidentiary body paragraphs




1 개의 Conclusion


 = 5개의 완전한 argument를 보여주셔야 합니다.




아이엘츠(IELTS) 에세이는 두가지 task로 나뉘는데요,



Task1 20분안에 150자의 짧은 에세이



Task2 40분안에 250자의 긴 에세이




Task2 긴 에세이를 작성할 때 이 five-paragraphs은 한가지 작성방법으로 이용됩니다.


(물론 질문형식에 따라 작성하는 방법이 달라집니다)



아이엘츠 멘토 사이트에서 예시를 하나 가져 왔습니다.


Nowadaysthe way many people interact with each other has changed because of technology.In what ways has technology affected the types of relationships people make?Has this become a positive or negative development?



Givereasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your ownknowledge or experience.


 이런 형식으로 질문이 있을 경우! 그건 바로 5 paragraphs 에세이를 쓰라는 것입니다!



Write atleast 250 words.

SampleAnswer 1:


 There is no doubt that many things had changedin the last few decades; some changes are for betterment and some changes arefor worse. One of the fields which were greatly affected by the advent oftechnology is the way of interaction and communication. 

-> Introduction


Without anydoubt, the technology has changed the way we lead our lives and these changesare prominent over the last decade. There are several improvements in life dueto the positive effects of technology and there are some negative impacts aswell. One area that has dramatically changed is the way we communicate andmaintain our relationship nowadays. And in my opinion, the technology has positivelyaffected our communication and the way we make relationships and maintain it.Despite some negative effects, most of us enjoy the positive things thetechnology has bought for us. In the past, the ways of interaction were verylimited. Unleash your imagination; if you want to speak with your friend, youwould have to go directly to his house or send him a message which may take fewdays to get a response. I completely believe that technology has a greattangible effect on our communication. Nowadays, it's very easy to interact withyour relatives -and even with the government and organisations- either byemails, mobiles, chatting, etc. and I think that this has improved therelationships and enhanced it. 

-> Paragraph 1




We nolonger need to visit a relative or friend to get updates. Alternatively, we canlet them know our updates instantly. Besides personal communications, officialand business communications have become easier. Email campaign offers a goodmarketing opportunity for business owners and people can complain about certainthing using emails without exposing their identity. Not all of the people havethe availability of technology and they still use the old form ofcommunication. People now can deceive others using identity theft and fraudidentity. The personal touch of communication like handwritten letters,face-to-face communications were more effective in some cases. Like meetingyour friend is still more important than just writing him an email. 

-> Paragraph 2




We make somany friends via chatting or social networking which would not have beenpossible without the advancement of technology and its contribution to thecommunication. Cell phones, emails and social networking have enhanced the wayof communicating and we can talk to anyone with a minimum cost. It's now notunusual to prepare for a visit and even several visits to your relatives andfriends on the same day, while in the past this may have taken several weeks ormonths. 

-> Paragraph 3




Toconclude, despite all that, I still see some failings in the development of themeans of interaction. For instance, the very high cost each person spends everyday on communication. Another defect, many elder people are not accustomed tothis modern technology. But that doesn't have a great effect on the positiverole technology has made in the field of interaction between people and I thinkthese defects are very easy to be solved. 



(Total words: around 494, Written by  Abdullah Hassan)




  너무 어려운 예시를 들고 온거 같지만.. 실제로 시험에 나온 문제를 바탕으로 작성된 답변입니다.


저렇게만 작성하신다면 물론 밴드 8은 거뜬 할거 같습니다만ㅜㅜ


저희는 최대 6.0을 목표로 하고 있으므로!


쉬운 주제를 선정하셔서 짧고 간단한 에세이부터 작성해보는건 어떨까요?


- 머피컨텐츠 -


이 글이 유익하셨다면 공유해주세요!


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