lmia 광고에 대한 질문입니다.

lmia 광고에 대한 질문입니다.

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lmia 광고를 회사에서 내었는데, cic 홈페이지에서 보여지는 advertisement requirement에 적합한 지 궁금합니다.

1. 총 3군데에 광고를 한 것 처럼 보여집니다.  job bank, kijiji, 학교 잡 게시판에 광고가 올라가져 있습니다. 회사 홈페이지에도 career opportunities라는 섹션이 있지만 현재 구인하고 있다는 확인은 안됩니다. 관심이 있으면 이메일을 보내라는 식으로만 나와 있습니다. 3군데로 했다고 인정이 될까요?군데로 인정이 될까요? 혹은 2군데로 했다고 인정이 될까요? 


2. 그리고, 모든 광고마다 들어 있는 내용이 다릅니다. 

마치 advertisement requirement 요소들을 나누어서 여러 광고에 낸 것 같이 보입니다. 

특히 job bank에 job duty 나 job description이 안 들어있는 것이 걸립니다. 그렇지만 회사 홈페이지에 들어가면 job duty에 대하여 자세히 나와있습니다(사진 첨부가 안되어 아래에 붙여 넣었습니다.). 

kijiji 와 학교 잡 게시판에는 full time teacher를 구한다는 내용과 benefit에 대해서 올라가있습니다.

광고가 중요하다고 알고 있는데, 제대로 광고가 올라간 것 일까요?


Early Childhood Educator (E.C.E.)

Posted on 광고 올라온 날짜 + 회사명(누르면 회사 홈페이지로 링크 됩니다.) 

Job details

  •  (State, Province 이름이 있습니다Location)
  •  Salary$15.00 to $19.00 hourly for 40 hours per week
  •  Vacancies2 Vacancies
  •  Employment groups: Employment groupsApprenticesIndigenous people,Newcomers to CanadaPersons with disabilitiesSeniors,StudentsVeterans Youth Visible minorities Help -
  •  Terms of employmentPermanent Full time
  •  Start dateAs soon as possible
  •  Job no.(# 숫자가있습니다.)
  • Source Job Bank

Job requirements




Other trades certificate or diploma

Credentials (certificates, licences, memberships, courses, etc.)

First Aid Certificate; CPR Certificate


Experience an asset

Work Setting

Child care centre

Security and Safety

Child abuse registry check; Criminal record check; Vulnerable sector check

How to apply

By email:

(이메일주소가 있습니다.)

Job location:

(street name 만 적혀 있습니다. 우편주소 없습니다.)

Advertised until:



회사 홈페이지의 career opportunities 라는 섹션에 있는 내용입니다

Career Opportunities

We have a great team of dedicated people here at 회사명, and with the opening and expanding of our newest location, we are looking for passionate and professional ECE's to join our team. 

The major function of the early childhood educator is to take an active role in planning, implementing, and evaluating the educational program for the children in their care. Duties of the early childhood educator include, but are not limited to:
  •  Know and implement the mission statement, philosophy, goals, objectives, and standards of The Growing Place.
  •  Maintain a working knowledge of the policies, procedures, Day Care Act and Regulations.
  •  Provide a warm, loving, cheerful, and nurturing environment where children are valued, and respected with emphasis on self-esteem, security, choice making, and acceptance of the individual, independence, and trust.
  • Ensure parents and children feel welcome, safe, and secure in the centre, greeting each parent and child as they arrive and depart daily sharing information about the child's day and progress.
  • Dress appropriately for all child interactions both inside and out for all weather.
  •  Demonstrate ability to accept constructive criticism and feedback.
  •  Maintain a positive attitude on a daily basis, and refrain from gossip.
  • Maintain confidentiality of parents and centre.
  • To be punctual and conscientious of time missed.
  •  To plan and implement an effective program to meet the developing needs of the children both inside and outside posting curriculum for parents to see, keeping program plans on file for one year as required.
  • Model appropriate interactions using appropriate language, safe behaviours, and healthy practices for the children.
  •  Clean and maintain classroom, toys, and supplies on a daily/weekly basis in order to meet health and safety standards.
  •  Record and maintain all forms and daily communication logs, keeping for the required time as set out by The Department of Community Services.
  • Ensure headcounts are done frequently during transition times, as well as within the room and on the playground, in addition to outings away from the centre.
  • Work as part of a team to ensure continuity of curriculum, and quality care.
  • Maintain the overall cleanliness of the centre including shared areas such as kitchen, fridge, hallways, and bathrooms.
  • Complete progress reports on each child twice a year, placing in child's file after the second completion
  • File all records in each child's file in a timely manner (medication, accident, progress reports)
  • File and keep all records required by The Department of Community Services for the required length of time (cleaning charts, children's daily records, daily log book, attendance sheets)
  • Report and record any unusual situations such as allergies, illness, accidents, parent comments/requests, behavioural changes to Director/Owner, documenting it in the daily log book.
  •  Feed, assist, and supervise children with snacks, lunch, and cleaning up.
  • Supervise children at nap/rest time remaining awake and alert to the needs of the children.
  • Attend teacher/parent meetings as necessary.
  •  Actively take responsibility for your own professional growth and development, keeping certifications for first aid and levels current.

If you are interested in becoming part of our Team, please drop off a resume, or email us at: (job bank에 제공된 이메일과 동일 합니다.)




3. 게다가, 회사가 3개의 브랜치를 가지고 있는데, job bank에는 어느 곳의 주소를 넣어야 하나요? 현재 job bank 에 제공 된 주소를 보면 제가 실제로 일 할 곳의 주소가 아닌 모든 곳을 총괄 하는 센터의 주소가 들어가 있습니다.  괜찮을까요?


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